Sorry it's the crappiest picture ever.
Also, how is it the last day of September??

Brands: JCrew (emerald sweater, blush bracelet), Soel Boutiqe (floral trousers), vintage find (unicorn leather tote, vest), H&M (heels, wool hat, booties, faux leather pants, blazer, mint blouse, knit top, high waisted pants), Forver21 (black necklace), Semantiks (pencil midi), Petunia Pickle Bottom (diaper bag/tote).


artists that influence me: Fashion & Figures

Rene Gruau
The classic, the glorious, Mr. Gruau.
His use of line and value totally rocked my world when I first discovered him.
Then I felt stupid for not knowing about him earlier.


Talia turns Two: A Party & the Zoo

This year, we really just wanted Talia to have a good time for her birthday. 
I'm one of those people that finds hosting parties somewhat stressful. Styling and setting up is super fun, but adding the people element always freaks me out. So we planned it in a way that the main activity took most of attention away from us (the parents) and entertained everybody at the same time: took her to the zoo. 



Last night, I attended an event with Talia. It was a book launch for Playful, a book about kid crafts held at the Provo Library. I met some lovely people and talked to some bloggers/creatives that I admire. Not to mention all their adorable children. There were tables set up for kids to make something at each one, a photo booth, and cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean! (That's what Talia came for.) I'm so lucky to part of such a fun community.  Really, though.


Small shop roundup was last week here in Provo, where I spent lots of moneys on fresh flowers, art prints, a dress for Talia. It was so fun though. Especially because I got to help put together a booth, which is much funner than putting my house together. Ha.

Brands: H&M, Down East Basics, Best Coast (band tee), Maeberry Vintage (awesome red midi), Neiman Marcus, JCrew and Forever 21, Kate Spade Saturday, vintage find (unicorn satchel).


"So while your children are little, cultivate and attitude of sacrifice.
Sacrifice your peace for their fun,
your clean kitchen floor for their help cracking eggs, 
your quiet moment for their long retelling of a dream that a friend of theirs alleggedly had.
Prioritize your children far and away above the other work you need to get done.
They are the only part of your work that really matters."
-Rachel Jankovic, Loving the Little Years

I recently saw this on Lauren Hartmann's (of The Little Things We Do) instagram and had to type it out. Maybe that way, I'll remember it and cherish my little one a bit more each day.


There was a couple rainy days this week! I busted out my galoshes and cardigan and Talia and I watched lots of movies and ate on the couch (also, I got a little sick, so I felt justified).
Then on Saturday, I was a bit of a bag lady because we got to ride the Frontrunner (Utah's version of a train) but my sister let me borrow her mustard top so I still felt kinda glamorous what with the wind and all. :) And I've been loving wearing my hair down and not having to shave my legs now that it is seventy degrees each day.

So there are some good things that come with saying goodbye to summer.

Brands: H&M (biker jacket, wool hat, pointy kitten heels), Lulu Lemon (striped jacket), Down East Basics (grey jeans and off white Mexican blouse), Target (galoshes and teal cardigan), Kate Spade Saturday (circle cross-body bag), Soel Boutique (floral trousers), Petunia Pickle Bottom (diaper bag/carry all), Clarks (sandals), JCrew (polka dot blouse), Neiman Marcus (pleated skirt).


Last week of summer because school started and killed it. #amiright

Brands: H&M ( hat, high waisted pants, leather pants, floral headband, pointy kitty heels), Forever 21 (sunnies), JCrew (polka dot blouse), Petunia Pickle Bottom (diaper bag/purse), Target (scarf, FEED tee), vintage finds (pencil skirt with pockets, leather shoulder bag, embroidered blouse), Down East Basics (black dress from a million seasons ago).

just happy

So happy and grateful that I am able to live each day with a man who believes in dreams, works very very hard towards them, and whose first priority is always my happiness.

 My goal this school year (of Jake's) is to relish these moments here and now. To anticipate the needs of my little family and help us all be happy, clean, and healthy. To enjoy the goods that Provo has to offer and be a part of the lovely community that lives here. To further my own dreams and help Talia find hers. To show my husband that I am proud of all he does.

This picture was taken on our Hawaii trip, way back when. A few things have changed since then, but all those changes have been so good to us. Because of that, I so look forward to the changes the future will bring.


A Birth Story: Part II

Every birth is different, and each baby and mother have different needs. We are grateful to have had Talia in a hospital over other natural methods; it ended up being exactly what we needed.



Talia had a birthday and I had a birthday the day after! We've pretty much been celebrating all month haha but it was nice to culminate with ballons, muffins, and candles. Tons of people remembered our birthdays and I felt so popular and loved! Thank you all. Seriously.

Brands: Nike (fancy workout tee), H&M ( skinny jeans, wool hat, pink blouse), J Crew (white floral top) Boden (orange skirt), Clark's (white sandals), Hot Topic (Black Sabbath tee) vintage find (green floral skirt), Banana Republic (camel peep toe wedges).