swimwear: illustrated

 I have a slight obsession for swim wear. 

I think it's because a few months after Talia was born, I really thought I was never going to feel attractive ever again. Then my sweet mother-in-law took us to Florida and bought me a swim suit. And that was that.

These are the swimsuits I'm loving right now.


as summer approaches

The best part of graduating is getting to spend more time with Talia, doing all sorts of fun things inside and outside the house. But everyone knows that outside is 100 times more fun. So although though we are good friends with the rainy weather, I can't wait for the sun to come stay a while. She's gonna love it!

I busted out the summer skirt last week; and also a hat. 

Brands: JCrew, H&M, Neiman Marcus, Banana Republic, LuluLemon. Some vintage, some unknown.


Style Inspiration #2 : Natural + Retro

More than just a creative style, this mood board inspires a life style. Laid- back but never taking any crap. Spending time on the untouched beaches or hiking mountains. Shopping in the hidden thrift stores. Always design aware, always taking tips from nature.


because he married a mexican

Every family has its quirks. Good ones, bad ones, weird ones. One of the fun things about marriage is discovering them in each other since each spouse comes from a family with a completely different set tendencies.

It just so happens that a large portion of mine are shared by an entire nation.


Last week: All JCrew tops except for the Best Coast t-shirt (they used the Seinfeld logo for the double-win).


Style Inspiration #1: Modern + Organic

Since graduating, I have continued pursuing the adventure of discovering and honing "my look". I especially enjoyed the journey that Eva Jorgensen from Sycamore Street Press shared recently on her personal aesthetic that she calls Minimal Bohemian. Monica Lee from Smart Creative Women even has a whole course on finding your own brand and how to maximize it. So I've decided to take baby steps and put together little mood boards coupled with the resulting art work as my style develops.



If I was actually thinking the day I graduated, my thoughts/pictures on the matter might have been something more like this lovely thing.  But I wasn't, so instead, they are lumped with this "what I wore" post.

I had considered not going to the large commencement ceremony and I had even talked my parents out of attending. Because it was such institutional think to do and it was so long and un-personal and blah blah blah.
But you, know, I'm glad I went.
First off because Elder Uchtdorf. He was so jovial and didn't have any notes with him and wasn't even on the program. He just got up there laughed and told us to take what we learned and build upon it. He told us this was just the beginning.
Secondly,  it was a nice time for me, sitting alone in a mass of people, to consider what I had accomplished. I realized for myself that this is indeed big deal and I will forever be grateful for the sacrifices I had made. I jumped through the hoops, I worked those late nights, I found babysitters for all those overlapping classes and ate all those frozen dinners so that my education would forever be recognized.
I am an educated woman.

Thank you to all those who made this dream possible. Many people, most especially my husband and child, made personal, biting sacrifices so that I could have this.  I owe you all.


El Cinco de Mayo

Shortly before its actual independence day last year, (September 16th), my mom brought this dress from Mexico. Talia wore it then, and I was so excited that it fit her eight months later!
I love these Hispanic roots I have, and I want to give Talia a world where she can explore this history, these traditions, these colors, and this language; just like my parents did for me.


Introducing a new series!
This keeps me drawing everyday because what is more fun than drawing clothes? I'll tell you: buying them.

Still working out the whole scanner thing. (Code for: I have no idea what the heck is going on.)


Collaborations with a Toddler

At my graduation, the head of my department said in his speech: "Every child is born an artist."
I really really believe it. Talia has amazed us with her dedication and uninhibited sense of design. Drawing with her is so fun and relaxing. It reminds me to let go. :) Even if she doesn't pursue an artistic career, I will definitely cherish these moments of being creative together.