The thunderstorm was my lullaby

Last night, the lightning and thunder began around my bedtime (ten-ish...yeah). I jumped off my knees and ran to the window, watching the world light up seconds at a time, quite unable to look away. Then I made myself lie in bed, on my back, listening to the sky collide until I fell asleep.

Probably the prettiest things in my life are the ones I least expect to take on that role.
I began to notice this when I started living outside the home. Like when I reallized my hair was fine the way it was, or when I suddenly missed those awful-looking sandwiches my mother made with refried beans inside, or even when I discovered I liked seeing people wear interesting pantyhose with granny shoes.
Now that I'm back, I've continued to find unexpected beauties/ moments that make me fall in love with life all over again. On the window in our kitchen, there's a smashed bug behind the blinds where my mother pounded it into the glass and quickly walked away. Behind me, there's a puke greeen shoulder-padded blazer in the closet, next to a mountain of hair ribbons, smelly crayons, gift bags and old pictures. And this morning, I watched a new ninth grader walk away towards another first day of school, laughing in the morning light --wearing my shirt. 

I don't think life will ever be what I thought it would. I'm surprised to find myself uncontrollably charmed with what it is so far. Maybe I'm discovering myself (some more), or maybe I've been hanging around eye-opening people of late, or possibly just learning to see things as they really are. Whatever it is, I'm pretty happy to keep it that way.

"Happiness leaves no bad after-taste." -- Talmage



Yes, I'll share my saddle with you,
hold your pistol while we ride--
scouting for danger,
I won't be afraid.
Our faces on every flyer,
the stares in the saloons;
my identity is linked to yours.
Where won't we be found?
Let me know--
I'll have my gaurd up
as long as you say.
Hair streaming,
sweaty bandana flapping--
On or off the map,
I'm always safe with you.


A summer saturday event

Took our teddy bears to the zoo for a picnic. Naturally, we brought along our fanny packs and Martinelli's. What else can one do in ten hours at the Hogle?
  • Have a staring contest with an owl. Win.
  • Ride the giraffes (on the carousel); name them.
  • Eat strawberries next to a peacock.
  • Peek through the prairie dog holes.
  • Count the bats in the cave (I gave up).
  • Find all the bugs from Malaysia in the bug collection.
  • Hug in front of the scary monkeys.
  • Ask a stranger to take a picture with a polaroid camera.
  • Run through the tiger exhibit.
  • Ask as many people as possible where you could get your face painted.
  • Detour on the way to buy a pen. Everytime.
  • Watch unsuspecting people get sprayed by the dinosaurs.

    Riding on Horace and Matilda!
    Top it off with some Cure on the way in and hollering to Arcade Fire on the way out.
    All in all, this makes for a pretty satisfying, sweaty day. Well, to put it mildly (on both aspects). Oh, and don't forget the cotton candy!