A vacation of sorts

I am taking a little bit of a break from illustrating.
I've been feeling a lot of pressure to create, so I have been, like crazy. But I realized I am simply producing with no real direction or purpose. I am still not 100% sure what I want to with my art. After a rather depressing day and a long chat with my husband, we decided it might be a really good idea for me to go on hiatus.
Meaning: no drawing, painting, or even thinking about it too much.  I am giving myself permission to do other things in my free time and to be happy doing them.

My goals for the next couple weeks are simple: do whatever the eff I want.

// learn how to cook something (anything) // new hair do  // pinterest project // knit // Talia project // read up on plants // // finish halloween costume // clean art room // hang out with friends // (window) shop //watch scary movies //... //

I am so excited. So so excited to let myself be happy.
It's like a summer vacation for my mind! 

(Also, I am only checking instagram once a day. whaaaaaaaat)


Last week was fun! A night out with friends, an indoor swimming date with grandpa, and big hair for Sunday.

Brands: H&M (wool hat, booties, blue dress, leather pants, pointed heels), thrift finds (peacock sweater dress, jean jacket, floral sweatshirt), F21 (leather trucker hat), Jcrew (peter pan collared top), Nieman Marcus (pleated black skirt).


Just trying to turn my spring florals into fall attire. Is it working? :)

Brands: JCrew (green sweater), Forever21 (floral pants, necklaces), Hollister (the grey cardigan from high school days), Nicewear (maternity black top), H&M (high-waisted black pants, wool hat, booties), vintage find (green floral skirt from Decades, and mint maxi dress), WildFox (eiffel tower sweater).


Autumn Mixtape Side A:

illustration: Haim

[Side A]
The Wire // Haim
Electric Feel // MGMT
Let's Go // Matt & Kim
Gravity Rides Everything // Modest Mouse
Close to Me // The Cure
Time to Pretend // MGMT
Don't You (Forget About Me) // Simple Minds

[Side B]