Taking the garbage out with Ivette, our attention turned to the giant tree next door. A cacophony of bird calls resounded from the leaves.
Ivette mused, "They must be having an annual meeting."

We stood barefoot on the cement a moment longer.

"Nah, I think it's an uprising." I concluded.
We returned to our chores, putting from our minds the possible oppression and tyrannical rule of the hollow boned creatures as soon as we stepped through the door, back to our own scent.


So I have some magical people,

Who turned my summer into something like a dream.


I wonder

How automatic toilets spray at the most inopportune moments

Where the college advice comes from ... and why it's so inaccurate

Who decides what poetry is bad and what poetry is misunderstood

Why any song with the words "honky tonk" is played in public

If anyone knows what is the real cure for hiccups

What purpose flies serve

Whether I will survive potty training

How one gets a job naming crayons

Why this song is so great