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Hello all you lovely people who read my blog.
You are all GEMS.  Thank you for your support! It means so much to me. Really.


Grace: A Memoir

As I mentioned in my New Year's post, I'd like to be constantly reading a good book. Reading has a way of opening my mind, and making me feel way more sophisticated than I normally am, ha.

Grace: A Memoir, is a book that I had been eyeing for a long time (ever since The September Issue, actually) and I finished a couple weeks ago.
Though it presented the fashion business in more detail than I could swallow, I really enjoyed learning about Grace and the world she lives in. She has a lovely voice/ outlook and is very much a person I'd love to meet one day.  It also has great fashion photographs and funny illustrations done by Grace herself which depict events in her life. The book has an  overall feeling of unearthing hundreds of small fragments of memories, some emotional, some strictly business. I would recommend it to anyone that loves fashion, biographies, and icons. Grace is really something.

Goodreads review and rating, if you're into that.


Winter Mixtape

[Side A]
San Francisco // Foxygen
Crawlersout // Purity Ring
Aeroplanes // Brobecks
Horchata // Vampire Weekend
Take Me Somewhere // Tennis
Zebra // Beach House
Bluish // Animal Collective


Hello, two-thousand and fifteen.

 The sun is shining and my room is clean and bright... I'm feeling optimistic.
Let's do this.

GOALS for 2015