He likes green salsa.

Also enjoys: cowboys and indians, star wars, getting things done, pirate ships, surprises, and oceanic things, typewriters and polaroids, sushi, good music, roadtrips, and crafting.

I wake up to an adventure everyday. And couldn't be happier. (:


Someday, I'll go there. But for now, my dreams are complete. 


today is valentine's day

Today is a celebration of everything fun we've ever done together, all the hours spent doing secret stuff for each other, all the time we mourned the apartness, and the day when that ended and life began.

 All of today has been a surprise, and it's only halfway done! And since my camera died in Hawaii, only us two will see our day. Oh, wait. Phones. Maybe someone will get lucky. Maybe we'll just be selfish.

A secret for those who may be sad today: fairy tales really do happen. It's not fair to disregard a dream because it "only happens in the movies". Lies! Happiness every day is entirely possible and within everyone's reach. Just find it within yourself. It's kinda like Christmas, only it's real. Believe!

p.s. Jake, thanks.