I think she is made of sparkles

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Last night, Talia and I had a dance party while we were waiting for Dad to get home with those much needed wipes/diapers. As I mentioned (ranted) before, I really like the xx and Jake bought me the record before he went on his last business trip as a "going away gift"? I was happy.

So I put the vinyl in and she ran over, put on my necklace, and would not let me leave the designated dance area. We jumped, waved our arms, turned in circles (Talia's personal favorite) and laughed as we swung around. Whenever I would stop to get a drink, she would quickly and quietly run over, take one of my legs in the crook of her arm and steer me back to the dance floor.

Yeah, we skipped bath time.  :)

I love this little toddler stage. It's bad, but I love it when she says "no". She draws out the "n" and her little voice! She seldom says it, but I have to look away when she does so I can smile secretly.

I admit, sometimes I have mini panic attacks when I think of graduating and spending all day at home, following/fixing the trail of wreckage all day long. But then there are these moments full of magic where I can't keep from laughing and running up and down the halls with Talia as she smiles her toothy smile and squints her ginormous eyes as the wind (or my hair) hits her face. In all my years of school, I have had maybe two or three of these moments. Talia brings them in almost daily! I am convinced she is made of sparkles and unicorn tears and fairy dust.

Here is a little instagram video.  (I know, I know; why is my Christmas tree up? I couldn't tell you.) Aren't her pigtails the cutest??


blog lovin'

I finally got on the blog lovin train!
It is so smooth and wonderful and I can follow my favorite blogs and browse all of them at once (like while I brush my teeth)! 

Go find me:

Also, here is the cutest picture my dad sent me of him and Talia playing.
(He claims she only comes over when he pulls out the iPad. I believe him.)


Christmas Wishes

We hope that everyone's holidays were as magical and memorable as ours.

As per popular demand, this is the Haupt Christmas picture for 2013 :)

I apologize for not being able to send out physical cards; it is a goal for our future Christmases. I am actually really looking forward to writing out our year in summary for all our relatives; I love reading about all our families. There is something about receiving a card in the mail, letting you know that someone wants you to know about their families and loves you enough to write out your address on an envelope. Unfortunately this year, I had was slightly swamped with school etc, so here is the Christmas /New Years /Happy Holidays card.

 Evelyn had her first solo Art Show this year in Grand Forks. You can see pictures of the show here, and look at some of the art pieces here. She also finished her last full -time semester at BYU and still has an acceptable GPA. She will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Art in the spring and is looking forward to being a full time mother (finally).

Jacob was accepted in the Studio Art program and is working as an Art Assistant for one of his favorite faculty members. He will be at both Salt Lake Comic Cons this year with his own booth so if you're in the area, stop by and take a look at the stuff he has been working on throughout year. 

Talia continues to amaze her parents with her feisty personality and irresistible cuteness. She turned 16 months at the end of December. Her personal achievements are too numerous to list, but a few are: learning to swim over the summer, crawling to walking to running really fast, folding her arms for prayer, expanding her vocabulary to six words (in both languages), self feeding, growing two teeth, and playing nice with other children. She is an incredible light to our family and we love having dance parties with her. 

We are so thankful for the love and support we receive continually from friends, neighbors, and especially family. As a growing little family, we have a testimony of God's love and His hand in all things. We hope that the love He has and that we have for all of you will be felt throughout the year. 

 -- The Haupts