Natalie Stallings is a friend from art school and she reached out to me to write a little about my work for her website.

As she has developed her own art and studied and traveled, she took an interest in the topic of women in art. She asked a few of her female peers to discuss the subject; what it means to be a woman making art in todays world, as well as how womanhood influences our work.

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Evelyn Haupt for K & Elphy

I had the priviledge of working with K&Elphy, a handmade brand from Athens Greece, in creating images for her Spring/Summer line this year.


Collaboration with Caitlin Wing, fashion photographer.

This summer is plodding along and I am happy to say that it is the first summer in a long time that feels utterly un-wasted. Hiking, swimming, exercise, vacations, play dates, dancing, skating, Pokemon Go; we are doing it all.
Best summer wishes! xoxo