Yeah, I'm a mom.

So it has been two months, and I can now say I am a professional newborn caretaker.
A few things I learned as a mommy, and tips for those taking care of my daughter when I am away:


When Talia wakes up, no matter what you were doing before, put it out of your mind.
If you don't, then the process of feeding, burping, diaper changing, and cradling will seem forever long and get extremely frustrating.   Just accept that your present activity will be put on hold for an hour or two.

Attention to Detail

You know how on resume's this is always a good quality to look for? Well, I have learned the true value of such a characteristic. It prevents many a horrible thing; like rashes, messy spit ups, deafness and all nighters.

Enjoying the Moment

No matter how late it is, if I try to make Talia laugh, or watch her little hands, or simply be aware of what it feels like to hold her, everything gets much easier.

Also, thanks to Eli McCann I found a new hobby. Meet Suzie Longhorn.
p.s. Aside from asking stupid questions and getting hilarious answers, sometimes I answer people's questions seriously. It's like serving. The world. Yeah. :)