Spring Mixtape (side A)


Black Panther // Crystal Castles
Hey QT // QT
I Belong in Your Arms // Chairlift
Hands // The Ting Tings
Little Games - St. Lucia Remix // The Colourist
Genesis // Grimes


Hi! Just checking in with some of my favorite images from the internet rn.

I've been busy with a fun collaboration with a company based on the other side of the Mediterranean, which I will be sharing very soon! *Sneak peeks happening over on snapchat (same username as Instagram).

Hopefully your spring is more springish than mine (it was slush-snowing today 0_0).

For image credits, see pins over here :)


oh my dear

 Talia always says, with her little hand on her forehead, "Ohhh my dearrrrrr!" whenever something goes wrong. 

This here is an illustration meant to be submitted to DrawaDot's open call with Valentino.