life rn

photo by street photographer Mario Vega

This post is a quick update about my actual life haha. I would feel ungrateful if I didn't rave about living & working in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City for the past several months.

I always joke that it's very much like a "pretend" big city -- it's large enough to have conventions and nice restaurants and nightmare traffic during the holidays, but there's only one layer of buildings between you and the crazy mountain view (we reside on the 6th floor of our apartment complex that overlooks Main Street, the U, and those mountains). Everyday I look out the window and pinch myself. I absolutely love being within walking distance of a bunch of donut shops, Talia's school, my work, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Temple Square, and the Capitol.  The trax is so close we can hop on and go to the public library, planetarium, or splash pad in the summer time. For Halloween, we went trick or treating in the Avenues and visited lots of historic homes with haunted pasts. During Christmas time, marching bands played Christmas carols right under our window. 

I thrive being surrounded by movement, ambition, creativity, travelers. While I'm not sure where we'll be in the next few years, this has been a life changing experience, one that I'll look back on with a deep bittersweet longing. Then again, I look back on every phase in my life that way, ha. 
(Also, Talia's outfit, could you die?!? She mostly dresses herself these days, but still accepts suggestions lol. She asked to wear my sunglasses this day when we went to pick up a pizza we ordered from the shop on the corner, and we met Mario who snapped this pic of us!)


Spring Break

Fortunately for me, my current day job requires me to keep updated on fashion and what's new and what's trending, so I've been making a lot of these little board things.

If I was traveling for little this spring (Mexico! California! Greece! Anywhere with a warm beach!) This is what I would wear, and basically just switch out graphic tees.

Straw bag: Nordstrom // Tanning ladies tee: JCrew // Tassel earrings: Topshop // Platform sandals: Treasure&Bond // Motto Jacket: BlankNYC // Maxi skirt: Alice and Olivia