We are out here in the Midwest, making as many memories as we can.
I don't ever want to forget the way Talia's curls move in the summer breeze, or the sound of my love laughing with his brother.
Tonight, I am going to sit on the porch and wait for fireflies.
I love you summer.


Another week, another hoard of lovely summer days.

Brands: JCrew (polka dot blouse), Neiman Marcus (black skirt), TJ Maxx (red espradille pumps), H&M (bikini top, blue dress, menswear tee) Etsy (high-waisted suim bottoms), Clarks (snadals), Forever 21 (faux leather trucker hat), vintage find (high waisted cropped pants).


The Perfect Summer Evening


the love of your life
a warm breeze
sherbert clouds
a battery operated vinyl player
a cute toddler
Teen Dream album by Beach House

Step 1- take all these things.
Step 2 - enjoy.

Today I experienced a perfect summer evening. I kept taking deep breaths and blinking and hugging Jake's arm because it was just like I always hoped it would be.

Image from my  sketchbook,  original photo by @maryam_nassir_zadeh .


That pink dress was a dream. It has been in the back of my closet for a year or so, until it got smoldering hot one evening and I wanted to go on a walk in a maximum of two layers of clothing.  It was like wearing no clothes at all. I was so happy.

This vintage skirt never disappoints.  I wore it to a wedding where a huge gust of wind came out of nowhere, and I didn't have to scramble to keep my skirt down. It is heavy and has tons of pleats, yet breathes easily.

Also, I found my long lost sunglasses from Harmony Provo! They had been MIA for months. So of course, I wore them every day this week no matter what my outfit was. (p.s. Don't you love my track pants outfit?? It was one of those days...)

In other news, the BYU Museum of Art has a show going on in the main gallery that is displaying original costumes from movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom of the Opera, Ever After, Finding Neverland, and many other classy, fancy movies. So if you're into that, it's free.

Brands: Down East Basics (dress), H&M (flower crown headband for FIVE bones), Maeberry Vintage at the Re-hive Bazaar (skirt), Belle and Whistle (yellow gingham bow) Harmony Provo (sunglasses), Underarmor (t-shirt), Soel Boutique (the indispensable silk trousers that I wear everytime I forget to shave my legs).


Summer Mixtape Side A:

[illustration: Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast]

[Side A]
Let Her Dance // The Bobby Fuller Four
Crazy for You // Best Coast
Honey Bunny // Girls
Summertime Clothes // Animal Collective
Just Like Heaven // The Cure
Blue Jeans (RAC Remix) // Lana Del Rey
The Only Place // Best Coast

[Side B]


Long, Long Ago

I am so so happy to be able to share this with you!

In March, I participated in a project with Becky Leung of Modoga Photography and Art Director Logan Havens to create watercolor backgrounds for a series of large prints.
The idea was to portray Western tales in an Eastern aesthetic. Each piece was created to resemble Ancient Chinese scroll painting and each combines painting, script, photography and fashion.


Style Inspiration #4: Summer Whites & Florals

For this custom portrait, the client asked me to give her curly hair, a flower crown, and a white top. 
After receiving several pictures of her, and sending a few establishing sketches, I started researching images that would help me in creating a painting that reflected her style and interests.



As this little blog becomes a bigger part of my life, I'm still not 100% sure what direction we'll be going in. It is a little dis-orienting. But one thing is certain; good images are important.

Fortunately, my husband is a bit of a whiz with the dslr we own, and he has huge amounts of design instinct and training. And he lives with me.
On Sunday, we went out to do a photo shoot with the intent to capture images for a new blog design I am working on with Natalia Rosa.

Guys, it was so hard. 
I am not used to being in front of a camera and I don't know how to stand, smile, not smile, what to do with my hands, where my hair should be...
All you fashion bloggers out there have a gift.  

So... if any one wants to hand out awesome tips on being on camera, please do.


Well this was certainly a fabulous Fourth of July weekend.
Jake's family had a family reunion and Talia was stayed up to watch the fireworks. (She kept saying "Oops!" at the explosion noises and "Princesa!" at the sparkling lights.)

Brands: Forever21 (printed pants), H&M (black high-waisted  and menswear tee) Aquatic Ghost Colony band tee, Petunia Pickle Bottom (tote/diaper bag), swimsuit bought in Marco Island, Florida.