18 things I love about you

Little Talia is 18 months old.
She went to nursery last Sunday and while those two hours in church without a squirming toddler were extremely liberating, I found myself wondering what she was doing. I have to leave her often since I am in school, but this was different. I am not sure why. When I picked her up she practically fell out of her chair to run to me. I was handed a lovely picture she colored, but all I could do was hug my grown-up baby.

To my Talia: 

Here are 18 things I love about you.


Hi guys.

So Talia and I have been totally sick the past week and everything on my agenda came to a screeching halt. All my crafts, personal projects, not to mention schoolwork and house chores are on the back burner...again (crazy commission takes the blame for last month).

I'd just like to say that I am grateful for my lovely husband who -- though also feeling a bit under the weather -- has done many loads of dishes, cooked delicious meals, vacuumed, and makes sure I am taking my medicine. He's let me watch Seinfeld all day and held the baby and made runs to grocery store about three times a day.

I am just so very very thankful that he loves me and stays by me and does so much to make me happy.

^^That one time he took me on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday. Don't mind my infinite chins. ^^

Also, thank you parents who give us their sympathies over the phone and over Face Time. We love that. 

Annnnd here is what Talia and I wish we were doing right now...

Taking a stroll in our beautiful rainy neighborhood. Because that jacket + that little person. Kills me! :)  
Happy weekend adventures!