Wish it at looked like glitter and shine, but it's been a rough few months.

As Christmas approaches, I have kept reminding myself to be a little nicer to myself today.
I have a hard time thinking of myself as an actual person and often overload my plate with jobs and expectations. I am realizing (with the help of a professional and my loving husband) that I have feelings and limits and needs that only I can recognize, and that only I can take care of. I always preach that women need to take time for themselves, but I am such a hypocrite on that front, haha.

Anyway, I am important! and you are too.

Take care of yourself this holiday and may the light of giving and love bring you peace. 


Recreate: Positively Oakes

Recently, a company called Recreate reached out to me to work on a commission for lifestyle blogger Jess of Positively Oakes.