I've been pretty pouty this year, I think.

School is hard, laundry is hard, dishes are awful, and a an inconsolable toddler is the worst.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just pretending to be a mom / housewife / competent adult and that I'm actually not any of those things.   
Then Jake comes home and he tells me to get my head off the table and look around. He'll give me a hug and I see all the things I'm grateful to have in my life that I really don't deserve but I have anyway:

The cutest, wildest little girl I've ever seen.
A husband who works hard and loves movies.
A nice apartment just for us.
A deliciously soft comforter on my bed.
A dishwasher.
A plant for our living room.
Art on our walls.
My nail polish. :)1

I see these things every day and I am grateful. Grateful that Someone up there loves me, and that lots of people down here love me too. I couldn't ask for a better life, and I hope that I can see it for what it is everyday. Especially when I hate everything. Ha.

Have a wonderful, yummy, relaxing Thanksgiving!
Thanks for reading along :)

Floral arrangement by @askforkimberly


Autumn Mixtape Side B:

[Side B]
Infinity // The xx
Starman // David Bowie
Hex Girlfriend // Neon Indian
Come and Get your Love // Redbone
This must be the Place // Talking Heads
Myth // Beach House
Did You See the Words // Animal Collective

[Side A]