Sometimes, there are hard-ish things.

So I am a senior in college and this is finals week.
That is to say, my house is a wreck, we are all malnourished, and our brains stopped functioning long ago due to lack of sleep (except for Talia, she has that sleeping power only babies can possess).

I made these flash cards so that I can pass my religion class. I have never been worried about passing classes. But then, I have never had to go to school full-time with a toddler. Let me tell you, there are few things that are harder (giving birth and traveling to Mordor).  Fortunately, everyone has been super supportive of babysitting, helping out when we are sick, and sympathizing, because sometimes, that is really all I need.
One of our Church leaders said not to long ago, "You can do hard things." That thought has been running through my head over and over. If God, who is all powerful and knows me perfectly, thinks I can do this, then I certainly can. It is the best pep talk. Just remember; everything happens for a reason and someone believes in you. Also, movies and McDonalds help a lot.

But it's Christmas time! I am prone to forget to study because we have been wrapping presents and making snowflakes and planning our annual X-MAS (X-Men + Christmas) party! We are sure excited for the holidays. Talia has already gotten into the groove of opening presents from early Christmas celebrations. I will be posting the Haupt family Christmas card soon!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of Talia wearing the little sweater I made; back when it was lovely fall.

She is so fast! Nice autumn leaves, though. ;)

Hello, Mr. Firehydrant.