Un Verano

Everyone. This is it. 
I am so happy to invite
all those in the area to
my art show.
I have had so much support 
and I hope that all those in
attendance enjoy my work.

(Also, there will be refreshments.) 

To see photos of the event and the actual art itself, visit my website.


Summer in the Forks

It has been fun being in North Dakota this summer. Talia's grandparents are great playmates and Jake and I are able to get a lot done with the extra help.
Talia and I signed up for an Infant Swim class offered at the local recreation center and she is looking like she will be quite the swimmer although currently, she is much more interested in staring at the other children. :)

Jake has been honing his photography skills, as he wants to be the official family photographer (among other things...) and I think he is fabulous.

Yes, we are having a grand old arsty time here, with lots of Seinfeld, walks, music, paint, boats, bugs, and family. All photos attributed to Jacob Haupt.