Part One: Quite a lot of Magic

We recently had Tracy, a spectacular photographer document Talia running around in the pretty spring environment.


Hawaii 2011

The month after we got married, I went on my first Haupt-Crary Christmas trip to the beautiful island of O'ahu. I had with me my trusty little orange camera with which I documented the trip extensively. One afternoon, Jake and I were playing in some tide pools where I misjudged the width of a rock and fell in the water. My camera met its end, but the SD card lived on. I promptly lost the card when we got home and I have often wondered what those images might have looked like. 

Three apartments and a baby later, I was rearranging my bedroom and I found the missing SD card! So without further ado, here are a million pictures of us as newlyweds in one of the most gorgeous places on earth.