Part One: Quite a lot of Magic

We recently had Tracy, a spectacular photographer document Talia running around in the pretty spring environment.

As I was looking at a few of the samples Tracy sent me, I reflected on the day of the photo shoot and all the small incidents/emergencies we encountered (trying to get a toddler to cooperate for periods of time longer than 5 minutes is quite the challenge). Yet, each photo had an aura that ignited sparkles in my heart. I was puzzled at first, because I knew of the frustration we had all felt that day. Were these photos telling a false story? Hiding the true facts of the day?

Then I thought, no, of course not
These images captured the magic that surrounds every moment with Talia, whether those moments include negative sentiments or not. There is always something special going on, but a lot of the time I don't see it because I am focusing on my own  feelings. I realized I need to let go of myself more often as a mother. I need to train myself to see the magic of childhood in everyday. 
It is so fleeting, how can I bear to miss it?

These beautiful images will serve as a reminder to me of everything I have the potential to see despite the circumstances. Being a mom doesn't have to only be about worrying, cleaning, and scolding. I think it should mostly be about watching a child grow, observing their infinite wonder, and helping them discover the magic of their surroundings.

Clearly, I am going to need so much training. And maybe more photography.
(Thanks Mary, for making this day possible!)

Outfit details: Handmade bow from this Etsy Shop, shirt from Jujubunny Shop, shorts from Target, shoes from See Kai Run.

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