Thirty-seven and counting

Things I never thought of before pregnancy:

How much I like reading on my stomach.
How skinny some showers are.
What a luxury it is to reach (and see) my toes.
Taking running jumps into bed is actually quite a skill.
Sleeping through the night. What a blessing.
Runny eggs are a delight. Also off limits.
Sitting on a cushy couch also means I'm stranded there until someone helps me up.
Name choosing is stressful. Beyond belief.
People are really curious about pregnancies.
Half my closet will probably never fit me again.
Every walk is a long walk. (Down the hall, to the parking lot, the bathroom...)
I might start working out regularly. I like when my husband can give me piggybacks.

created by jacob haupt

Anyway, this preggo part is coming to an end pretty soon here.
It's kind of a terrifying relief
But like a friend said,
"Well, you get a baby out of it."

People are nice to the pregnant ones.

At the Beach House concert, I stood in the crowd for an hour, trying to seem invigorated and excited that one of our favorite bands was in slc. But all I could really think of was how my ankles felt like watermelons, that there was way too much body heat contributing to my own and that there was smoke wafting steadily into my face. I was too short to see anything, anyway.
Jake took note of my discomfort and graciously steered my far away from the listening crowd and into the outer rims of Pioneer Park.  We were standing there, looking for a somewhere, anywhere to sit. I no doubt had this I'm-about-to-die face on, because a couple girls came over and said we could have their picnic table.
I about cried with relief. At the moment, it seemed that no one had ever done anything nicer for me in my life.