Live Illustrating at Nordstrom Beauty Trends

I had the marvelous opportunity to attend the first Nordstrom Spring Beauty event at City Creek Center on April 8th.  It was such a blast to be a part of the energy that comes with an event, especially when it is associated with a prestigious company known for it's place in attainable fashion.

After meeting some of the associates at Fashion Week, I called the head of the beauty department at Nordstrom in SLC and presented my skills as something to offer the attendants of the event. I was excited to hear back a few weeks later with an invitation to participate.

I decided to paint live this time and would have my subject sit across from me and chat while I painted. I was terrified bc I'm not good at painting and talking at the same time. Also, what if they hate it.
It was actually fun after a bit, and it helped me slow my brain down and just enjoy the process, I had to remind myself that it was ok if it took a little while to complete a painting; no one was getting mad at me for being slow (one of my underlying fears lol). 
I took a color palette with me this time, and decided to stick with just the facial portrait, and let the colors in their features and clothes influence the color palette I chose.

It was cool to see my work pop up on instagram stories. I made so many new friends, and despite the fact that some of my drawings were not as amazing as I'd hoped, everybody was very positive and caring.

Thx to the Beauty Department for making this happen!

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