UFW: front row & backstage

I quickly realized, while sitting on the front row with paper and brush in hand, that it was near impossible for me, a first timer, to capture an entire look while the model whisked down the runway. 

The main reason being that the designs literally were leaving me breathless. All I wanted to do was drink it in in with my eyeballs. The colors, the textures, the way the clothing moved around the model... I mean, I knew I was obsessed with clothes, but I guess this day I knew the depth of my love for fashion haha. 
After completing this first image of the front row intently looking at each line, I decided to focus on the details that most struck me, and take some photos of the ones I wanted to draw later. It turned out to be the perfect approach for me. Also, I'm glad I stuck with just ink drawing so I wouldn't lose my mind.

Literally such a breath-taking experience I'll never forget.
Everybody was so full of energy and passion. I was treated with such respect and it was so great to gush about clothes and makeup for a whole two days! Haha

Thank you so much again Utah Fashion Week for validating me and utilizing my skills to capture the magic.

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