Recently, I joined an artist discussion group on social media.
Though I was apprehensive at first (hello INFJ), I've found so much positivity and inspiration by other artists in my field just out there doing their best and supporting each other.

Topics discussed have have varied from printing methods, to product marketing, to color mixing, to just yelling you-can-do-it comments to each other. Being in the creative field can be terribly isolating at times. I've heard of people say"find your tribe" and I thought it was a little silly and exclusive to attach yourself to one group of people, but I'm realizing that is not what is meant at all. Everyone needs outside feedback sometimes. Or a pat on the back. Or a push forward. It can come from people you know, people you don't know, the same people or entirely new people.

Anyway, this is basically a thank you to all you artist and non artist friends and strangers who have verbally and financially supported me over the years. You are everything!!

Off topic: I participated in a last minute Instagram flashmob with The Unique Illustration. I haven't been creating as much lately, and I made myself take a jump. Here is the documentation of the process (and the panic and the mayhem) that went down on Instagram stories.


Some people think painting is relaxing.
I often wonder if those people have ever painted before. Try it; I assure you it is terrifying and can provide quite an adrenaline rush (especially if you work with watercolors or 3D mediums omg).

New fav quote from my artist friend:

"You can have it anyway you dream it." --  Jessica Durrant

xoxo, Evelyn

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  1. So sad that I’m just now getting around to reading this but it fills my heart with love and happiness xoxo Glad we have such a great support group!