UFW: before the show

I've had such a fantastic time working with the founders of Utah Fashion Week for this year's event.
Natalie Wynn from Natalie Wynn Design  has been so gracious and kind in allowing me to be a part of this event.
Below are the paintings I made, featuring one designer from each show at fashion week:

above: Swimwear Show (Raising Wild)

Evening & Avant Garde (Heggy Gonzalez)
 People have asked how I was able to be involved in Utah Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in the state. Here's the story of my hustle (it's pretty anticlimactic).

About a month ago, Braid Workshop here in Provo held a panel titled "How to Rock your Social Media." I came away from the event with tons of notes, but frustrated because I felt that I had done the majority of what the panel recommended and nothing really seemed to happening to propel my work forward. So I sat down and thought. All the panelists had mentioned at least once the importance of knowing your audience, then connecting with others that have the same audience. I decided to make a list of all the people/venues that could benefit from fashion illustrations/get my work in front of people who cared. At the very top of my list was Utah Fashion Week. It was a long shot, but they were the perfect fit.
Urban & Streetstyle (Ayana Ife, Melody Noy)

In a spur-of-the-moment, totally-out-of-my-element streak, I emailed everyone on the list.
I introduced myself, told them what I do, included samples of my work and suggested ways we could collaborate.
I even called several stores and spoke to managers. Like a psycho.

But! Natalie emailed me back and said they would would love it if I drew live at UFW 2017.
(I died.)
It ended up being a trade, that I would draw front row and backstage, and I would get free tickets for me and a friend.
(Happy dances for daysss.)

Cocktail & Resort Wear (Afa Ah Loo)
Even though Fashion Week here in Utah is only three (!!) years old, as I looked through the designers that were showing, I was surprised/impressed to see so many.  I had to really delve into my stalking skills to see some of their past work or sneak peeks into their upcoming lines, but what I found did not disappoint. I was inspired and decided to make some paintings.
Though initially I was only drawing live at the event, I sent Natalie the painting of a dress by Afa Ah Loo, and she asked me to make more for promotional purposes. I was like uh yes!

I can't tell you what it felt like to see my work across social media accounts as the event neared.
By the time the show came around, I had talked to all of the designers I had made images for and their excitement was the most rewarding feeling.

I love what I do, you guys.
Bridal Show (Natalie Wynn Design)
Will be posting soon about what it was like do be in the whirlwind of Utah Fashion Week, then another post coming about painting live portraits of attendees at a pop-up booth and how that all came about! (Spoiler: there were a few small panic attacks + lots of odwalla drinks, haha.)

Stay tuned!

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