"A Rainbow for Hannah" - Talia '16

Every year, right before Talia's birthday, I am hit with a wave of mourning for the end of an era.

This year especially as she begins her schooling with a real teacher, away from me, for a few hours each week. It marks the beginning of her life long education and the waning of the age when I was her whole world.

It's the beginning of the end of:
 lounging with the tv before breakfast,
dance parties before lunch,
painting in the afternoon,
spur of the moment walks to the museum,
or laying on the floor doing nothing but giggling.
Gone are the days where I felt justified in leaving the house all gorss to go play, because really that was the only thing that mattered.

I'm not pretending that I didn't want to run away 3 times a week from a little chatterbox that doesn't know a thing about personal space. I don't consider myself the motherly type. However, I do think I'm a good mother. I love her and she loves me and is also a little scared of me, haha. She's obedient, caring, independent, willful, and a great problem solver. I can't wait to see her bloom.

Anyway, I am thrilled at this extra time I'll have to dedicate to myself and my work. Hopefully it will show!

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