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When I was in my teens, I made a life plan. It was simple; when I was 24, I would move to Chicago, work in a corner Bookstore (like Meg Ryan in You Got Mail), and cut my hair short. 

Obvi, life didn't go as planned, and thank goodness. But I am 24, and I did cut my hair. Ha!

Though I have loved my hair and all the fun things I've been able to do, I adore my new cut. 
No more getting caught in zippers, no getting stepped by a toddler, no more getting pulled on during hugs. It moves when I move and there were no giant hair balls to comb out this morning! 

I didn't really tell anyone about my plans. I made the decision on Monday and planned my appointment for Thursday. My Pinterest hair board was teeming with short hair love, so I picked a few and arrived Amara Day Spa with these images. 

The stylist was perfect. She took her time and meticulously chopped away. I feel so pampered there because they have York chocolates within reach at all times. (And also, the service is amazing.)

Also, because of my hoarding tendencies, I couldn't bear the thought of all that hair being thrown away. Thankfully, Locks of Love has a super straightforward system for donating hair, so I did. It ended up being 12-14 inches in each ponytail (ahhh).

So anyway, I'm happy. 

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